The playby is semi-optional. If you’ve seen her as Kate Argent on TEEN WOLF you’ll know the type of personality I want her to have. It would just be minus the evil killing part. Because I want her to be apart of the police department.

She would be known as the super hardass woman that doesn’t take crap from no one. Probably should be the only girl among a family of men. Or maybe was raised by a single father who was also a cop or military and that would be why she chose this career path. She has a serious edge to her. Knows how to roll with the big boys. She honestly likes hardcore stuff and roughin’ it. All that jazz.

When I say Cruel with a Purpose I mean this woman seriously has good intentions for being the way she is. Meaning if shes hard on you its just to try to make you better. She wouldn’t be the super perfectionist type, but she is all about doing the job done right and doing it safe, and making sure the innocent are protected.

Why I’m requesting her for Tristan would be because I would love to see how he handles someone with this hard authority. she would be kinda like Drill Sergent mode whenever it comes to him. He’s a rookie cop so she totally makes him work for it. She’s super hard on him. Gets in his face. She wants to ride him because she see’s the potential he has of being a good cop. I just see her pissing him off a lot and she would probably enjoy it and use it as a learning lesson - that he needs to control himself and stay focused.

I also kind of like the idea of her possibly being all hard on him but she developed a soft spot. And in time they actually become friends. Maybe shes hard because something happen to a partner or something and he could possibly be the one that talks to her or just kind of helps her see she doesn’t have to be so MEAN all the time. Lol I don’t know, it can be up for discussion how they kinda ‘gel’ if you take her on!

His shipper of course gives the low down. But as mentioned Tris is a rookie cop. Newly wed, and a father to a 2 year old. He has a rough past, full of family troubles, drama and all that but its all shaped him into the mature young man he is today. Overall he can be pretty laid back. And as an officer hes all about learning and doing whats right. He’s calmed a lot since he’s become a cop and has the life that hes wanted for some time now. But he is dealing with certain frustrating issues when it comes to his partner/training officer Geoff Clauson that may come to effect how he does his job over all. And I’m the cruel one that would like to plant some more obstacles in his path to make life at work a bit more…challenging. Because Tris could use more adventure/excitement in his life. Hit me up if you have any questions, and thanks in advance!

Okay so the site is in desperate need of a group of guys. A group of cool, SEXY, fun, guys to send all the girls wild! They could all be from Belmont or at least have been living here a good amount of years. I wasn’t sure if all of them should be cops but I was thinking at least two of the three can be involved in the force.


Lets start with the TYLER HOECHLIN character idea. He would be the oldest of the group but that doesn’t mean he has to ACT like the oldest. But i think it would be cool if he has a big bro bond with Tristan. Its been debatable on if I actually want to make these two cousins because they hold some similarities in appearance. So if you wanted to possible do that, Im game! It would also be up to you on if you want to make him a cop or something like that. Or work construction - prior to being a cop Tristan was very much into Construction so they could know each other through that or possibly college before Tristan dropped out. Overall they would have a pretty good bond. Like to work out, do outdoor activities,enjoy a beer. I see them being the rough types. He’s big and buff, so is Tristan. They could be the types to rough house a lot.


Next would be CAM GIGANDET character. I see him being Tristan’s Gym buddy. Tristan used to work out a lot and he still does over all but it used to be more of a constant thing for him to hit the gym, to life weights or go some rounds with the punching bag. and Cam totally fits in being just like him in that way. I’m not sure if u wanted to make him an officer. He could be a sexy one I’m sure. He could possibly be a newly wed like Tris or a new dad and that could be what kind of brings them together on another level. Aside from hitting the gym I see them being the two that will pair off to work on their cars, or motorcycles. Gear Heads and Gym Buffs!


Lastly we have HAYDEN CHRISTENSEN who is an adrenaline junkie. I think it would be cool if he and Tristan went through training together if you make him a cop. He can be a bit of a hot head or just possibly too quick for his own good. Like if Tristan is the type to approach a situation with caution this guy here would just go in guns blazing. He could actually have a bit of an issue, which may cause him and Tris to clash in the end. Because if hes a cop maybe hes trying to climb the ladder quicker by taking more risks and things that could actually prove dangerous for him or anyone involved. Other than that hes Mr. Smooth. He loves the ladies, cars, music, smoking. Hes kinda the ‘bad influence’ of the group because he might start a bar fight or something that in turn has everyone jumping in to back him up. He could be a lover of fast cars and of course will do anything that’ll just get that adrenaline going. He could consider himself the best looking one out of all of them and probably is the one that is always dating/sleeping around where the other guys are more committed when the get with a woman.

As you can see overall the guys are open for you to make them how you please. Just with a few main things that could connect/bond them with Tristan. But their overall personalities/history/career is up to you for the most part. Just so long as they could come together and gel in the end would be great. I would just love to have some more guys in Tristan’s life that he can be rough with and just have rough. And yah maybe get into a bit of ‘trouble’ when it comes to perhaps some of the stunts they pull or being out too late when they have the wives/girlfriends at home with the kiddies and what not. WE NEED SOME FUN MALE BONDING!!! Also note the PBs are optional but it would be AWESOME if you did use these guys because i think they would make a great lookin’ group!

Tristan is in serious need of some more guy friends in his life! He needs to be able to have those male bonding moments. Show that other side that isn’t so serious or laid back. Of course as an officer now he’s learned to control his temper and not be so violent or stubborn but i think he still needs some help growing as a young man. He needs to be able to his some guys he can get rough with. And other friends that he can just hang and shoot the shit with. And of course any of the usual drama and all that fun stuff is welcomed. Tris is very loyal, and can be a lot of fun. He’s shown several layers/sides to him and this would just be another side I get to explore and have fun with. So I hope you’ll take ‘em on! Hit me up here with any questions/suggestions!


Okay this is a group request because I want all these variations of bad boys picking on Asa. BUT they do not have to all know each other. In fact I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t know each other, or at least be ‘working’ in a group given their lifestyles. So unless you want them to know each other, the only common interest they should have is Asa and ow they just like to be mean to him. Overall this is just a fun request to get more than one bad boy to the site!


So Asa is apart of a rich family. His father/The Benson’s are a big deal as far as being well known and living an upscale lifestyle. And Asa for a very short period of time did attend college. The reason I refer to Dave here as the Neighbor, I think he should be rich and maybe his father is a big deal as well so his family and Asa’s pretty much grew up together and know each other because they both work the same circles and what not. Maybe for the longest time Dave here has always been a rival of Asa’s. He’s always seen him as pathetic. A sad excuse to the family name. a boy that wont man up, a wimp. You know all that stuff. He wouldn’t be jealous of Asa, just always thought he was better so he gives Asa a hard time about it. He also may feel like he played a certain role in driving Asa to drop out of college (we could maybe even discuss and say he did do something to him) so that makes him feel proud of himself. he would just be totally snobby and likes to pick on Asa.


So he’s a wanna be big shot. He likes to mess with people weaker or lower than him to build himself up. When it comes to Asa i would say he likes to beat him up. he talks a big game and he can only really back it up to those weaker than him. I can see him instigating fights with Asa because he knows he can come out the victor the majority of the time. Maybe he was someone that used to mess with Asa in school - the class bully. He and Asa could also have a history from when his brother James was away at war he would mess with Asa knowing he didn’t have big bro James to back him up. There’s also the possibility he hooked Asa into a bad deal and now Asa owes him and Shane would be giving him a hard time for it now. Whatever the case, i want this to be the type of guy that does more than pick on Asa, he likes to get physical and rough him up.


He would be a drug dealer and a really good one. He comes off crazy and like he doesn’t have it together but hes actually really smart and knows how to manipulate and use people. He also likes to take advantage - get them hooked so they’ll come back to him begging for more. Asa has dabbled a bit in drugs but never anything serious. I’m thinking maybe this guy would like it to become serious so hes been trying to convince Asa to get involved either dealing with him or get him hooked on a drug because he knows Asa would be a good paying customer. He would be like the little devil on Asa’s shoulder, always trying to manipulate and bring Asa down.

All playbys for these three guys are completely optional. It would be really cool if we could get these faces running around the site because they all look pretty badass (and sexy). But i am totally open to any other options you may have!!

Asa Benson is one of four Benson Boys. They have quite the reputation of being wild, reckless and just trouble among the community because of their behavior, crazy outburst and all that stuff that keeps them ‘in the spotlight’ when it comes to the gossiping headlines. Asa for these guys would be the easy one to pick on. Because he is weak and struggling in a lot of ways to be a rebel and likes to talk a bigger game than hes really capable of. Hes that easy target type for most bullies that are just bigger and smarter than he thinks himself capable of. Also he does a lot of stupid shit that can lead to him being pretty embarrassed, or it lands him in some bad spots where he has something coming to him. Check out his shipper and/or app to learn more about him overall.


THE BACKROUND: July 2012. The town of Belmont has suffered a loss with the death of Tiffany Van Piers (17 years old), a high school honors student that passed this following weekend in a car accident on the intersection of Bleecker and Corola St. The passenger, her boyfriend (Tyler Blackburn), sustained a few injuries but Van Piers was the only fatality in the accident. The second car remains unknown, since it fled the scene. Tiffany goes among the 18 other victims, all young girls that were pillar in the community. The town of Belmont has suffered many losses lately and will miss Tiffany Van Piers as a part of the community. Our condolences go out to the Van Piers family.

PLOT: Tiffany Van Piers connected them all. She was the one that they all knew somehow or another and when she died, everything changed.. For her boyfriend it caused him grief, for her best friends it caused them pain and for the unknown it’ll affect her the most. Boyfriend (Tyler Blackburn) is depressed by it, he feels like it was his fault and he wasn’t able to save her, Shay lost their bestie, Ashley lost a confidant, Julian regretted never telling her how he felt and Ashley harbored a big secret.

So meanwhile, in another state lives Troian, she is with her parents, finds out she’s adopted. Not only does she find out she’s adopted, she finds out she has a twin sister named tiffany that lives in Belmont. She goes to find her, comes to town and finds out her sister is dead. It’s a shock for all Tiffany’s friends because holy shit, she has a twin and the twin is a little like tiffany but tiffany was the all-American sweetheart but everyone seemed to push her death behind them. However, when they look into it…it seems like the all-American girl’s “accident” may not have been an accident at all.

We can use the group plotting to put some things together and figure out the logistics of everything!


Imagine finding out that you’re adopted; finding out that not only are they parents you thought were yours weren’t, but that you had a twin sister. Imagine finding out that your twin sister died months before you got there and she was perfect. That’s the story going down with this lovely lady and you can take this wherever you want. Once finding out she was adopted, she should look into her twins death and realize everything is NOT as it seems…and definitely not some tragic loss, but an elaborate cover up.


She’s super smart, super cunning, super conniving and the spawn of the devil not the friendliest one of the bunch. Think of her as hell in proper heels. She doesn’t like people for the most part and doesn’t like acquiring many friends. She’s not the type to hate you outwardly but don’t get on this girl’s bad side, because her bite is worse than her bark. Her biggest competition was Tiffany and she’s gained so much from her untimely demise. Especially Shay as her best friend now that Tiffany is gone. Was it all a coincidence or an elaborate plan?


This girl lived next door to Tiffany and could see everything going on since she has the perfect vantage point from her bedroom and telescope that can see everyone’s houses. She doesn’t mean to pry but her dad is a cop so she’s got that investigator in her. She’ll actually be the one to be friends the new Troian and the only one that doesn’t compare her to her unknown dead twin sister. Though she’s harboring a big secret, since she was sleeping with Tiffany’s boyfriend when she was alive and would do anything to keep him.


He’s the crème de la crème of Belmont. With a wealthy family, he’s pretty much the center of attention around here, but tragedy struck a year ago when he and his girlfriend were driving home from a date and their car got hit. Even though he was the one whose side of the car got hit, he left the accident with little to no damage while his girlfriend Tiffany passed away. Now he lives with the guilt of the death of his high school sweetheart, but that didn’t stop him from immediately dating her best friend Ashley soon after her death.


This one is the hard worker. Nothing was ever handed to him in life and he’s the exact opposite from the golden boy. Tiffany’s death stuck with him the most and hit him the hardest because he was in love with her, but she always saw him as a friend. Just this boy she grew up with and never paid much attention to. But with new Troian around, he’s shocked, but maybe this is the second chance he’s looking for?

LAST NOTES: SO YEAH! It’s pretty much like a mix of the lying game and pretty little liars! So it should be fun to do! Once we get the group plotting together we can actually decide what really happened! Please take and just post here if you want it! THE FEMALE FACES ARE WHAT I’D LIKE BUT THE GUYS CAN BE CHANGED UP FOR ANY FACE.



So here it is, the request for a final for my man Christian here. I’ll start with play bys, my top choice is Annalynne Mccord. I think she would be just perfect for Chris. Jensen = Annaylne = sexiness. Not to mention thanks to her role on 90210 playing Naomi, well she just suits the role of the type of woman it is going to take to get Mr. Tate here to settle down. so if you look at his shipper, it spills his details. He’s had a rough time these past eight years, and it’s about time things start going better for him. And this woman is going to be the one to slowly change everything for him. She needs to be a powerful queen bee type, someone who can push him around, knock some sense into him. And needs to be able to catch his attention before she even introduces herself. So like I said I would love Annalynne, if not Candice Swanepoel or Adriana Lima would be lovely. But I’d love you a thousand times more if you use Annalynne. Age, at least twenty four, no older then twenty seven though. She’d have some sort of high powered career, as she’s not going to need or want him for his money, she’ll have her own. I’m pretty open about my character requests, as i like to the majority up to the character adopter, and not try to force anything thread wise and what not. It’s going to be a hard road getting him to give in for more then just sex, but he’s inevitably going to want this woman all to himself. And when he does finally fall he’ll fall hardcore. AKA show up with a ridiculous ring, with some out of character emotional spill, begging her practically. So I don’t want to write too much as I would like to work everything out with whoever takes her on for me.


I’m seeking some fun, mature girl pals for Sarah here and the female cost of One Upon A Time really look like they could work for her.

The site could use a REALLY FUN GIRL GROUP! I’m thinking each have their traits/personality but they come together like a really cool group of sisters from another mista and just have great chemistry together. And it doesn’t have to be limited to just these two I listed here. If you have an idea that doesn’t fit the two types of females i list here, feel free to jump in and we can work something out!

When it comes to the Meghan Ory Character I’m thinking she and Sarah actually went into business together. Sarah owns a bakery and I’ve made it clear that she partnered up with someone she met in school. Meghan Ory wouldn’t have to be super into baking if you didn’t want but maybe she’s more on the business side of things, or she specializing in a certain kind of baking. Really would be up to you. I think she should have a fun bubbly personality. Very creative and cool but she knows how to get super serious when the time calls for it.

Lana Parrilla I want to be cool. I think she should be older than all of them. Maybe like 27-29. But while she’s the oldest maybe she acts like the youngest. Or she’s at that point in her life where she’s getting old but doesn’t want to accept it. She wants to be young hip mama! I’m thinking she could possibly be going through some troubles in her life. Maybe she recently got divorced and is now a single mom, or she was just deeply in love with a guy that was more into his job so that could kinda fuel the need to act like ‘I don’t need a man to make me happy, i can be happy by myself’ type of thing she’s going through. Just an idea there.

Overall. Yeah…fun group of ladies here. Let’s make it happen yah?!


She’s a super sweetheart! Sarah is an all around regular gal. Innocent, drama free, fun loving. There’s no one that can really NOT love her because she’s just super chill and fun to be around. The fact that she is very normal though or just sweet and innocent puts her in a position where i could really use some more friends for her. Some more gals similar to her but maybe have a bit more happening in their lives so she could help them out and what not. Because ultimately Sarah is that ‘best friend’ everyone could use. Super loyal, caring and supportive. She owns a bakery. So being a lover of sweets and cooking like her is a plus. Or at least be willing to handle the fact that that’s where her passion is. As always playby’s for this request are completely optional and I’m open to any other ‘female bestie’ ideas!



So if you’re a fan of the show Nikita you should get the general idea of what I want for this character idea. If not, that’s totally fine. I am not looking for her to be EXACTLY like her character of the show.

Overall I want her to have an edge. She has to be tough, determined, a fighter type. To handle someone like Julian or any hardcore criminal type she can’t be easy going or have much room for being soft.

See Julian just happen to come to this town because his brother’s here. I was going with the idea that he’s been on the run and in a way he’s hiding out here. I’m thinking one of the people he could be on the run from is her. I like the idea that he used to be part of a gang in the city and she undercover, got in good with this gang he was with, only to bust them. Maybe everyone but Julian got caught. And she could’ve POSSIBLY been the one to let him get away. MAYBE.

Perhaps they were actually getting close when she was working her undercover mission. They could’ve sort of been considered a couple. So when he find out she was a cop and fooled him, he would be shocked and angry. Maybe he even tried to kill her there at the end but couldn’t go through with it so he just ran. Either way bottom line Im seeing these two having a pretty volatile ‘relationship’.

We can talk more details if you take her. Because the options are completely open on how things could have gone down between them. And of course how you decide to make her (personality/history/etc) is completely up to you. Just some of the main things I want with her is being tough/hard. Like she can really hold her own again the guys. The fearless, risk taker type. And she needs to be a good one for the job. Only the best stand a chance of taking down Julian!


If you check out his app it really goes into detail of the severe troubled lifestyle he comes from. It’s crazy to think he would end up in a place like this. But he’s ‘on the run’ and kind of trying the ‘hide in plain sight’ method. On top of that, his brother is here so he’s enjoying a good visit with his bro. But Julian is definitely the lethal type. A bit unbalanced. Definitely a criminal in every sense of the way. A fighter. He pretty much grew up on the streets so he’s pretty hardcore. The troublesome type. Still kind of a fresh character so he’s growing and getting established. I do think this request though will help explore and build onto his past and help the outcome of his present. So feel free to ask any questions or offer up any other opinions you have if you want to take on this request! THANK YA!


So Colton Haynes and Holland Roden are incredibly cute together and their relationship is so fun. So I’m going to request her as a best friend for Preston here and maybe an ex as well. Preston moved to Belmont around a year ago to escape all the painful memories of his sister’s death and his parents’ death. He also hitchhiked out of there with his small nephew, George, who is now a year and a half. Anything is really possible. I think maybe Preston and Holland were friends for a really long time and they just transitioned into an easy relationship. But when his parents died, he went off the rails more or less. The death of his sister put him back on track. They currently would have the kind of relationship where they don’t talk for long periods of time, but when they do they can pick up right where they left off. Why she comes to Belmont is completely up to you. He is in a complicated relationship with Blaze Phillips right now and has very few to no friends. So he needs his best friend!

She’d have to be twenty-three, turning twenty-four this year. Face is Holland Roden. Everything else, go wild. I’d recommend you read his app for a bit of history on him!


Part number two is for Zach Gilford. He would be a high school student that Amy meets at St. Augustine’s and instantly hits it off with. I would think he’d be the super nice, protective guy and he starts to like Amy…a lot. They really start down that road of best friends but he starts down the road of being in love with her. I think he has the tendency to get jealous and really hates it when Amy starts to have a friendship with Taylor Kitsch’s character. This could lead to a rivalry between the two and potentially Zach finds out what type of guy Taylor has been and tells Amy about it…whether she believes him straight away or not would make for interesting role-playing. She would also confide in this guy about her past, genuinely see him as a good friend, and from the get go she would have a crush on him as well but his dislike for Taylor might scare her off for awhile. How they will end is a complete mystery as well; they will definitely be friends or she may chose to be with him…but Zach and Taylor will definitely be duking it out for her heart.


As of late, we have added a mega list of wanted characters to our role-playing site, meaning it doesn’t matter the character type/personality. These are just face claims we would really really like to see running around Belmont. But to possibly help spark some ideas of some different character types (because we thrive on a variety of character personalities) a ‘mini title’ has been provided under each face claim. You do not have to use the ‘personality titles’ provided, they are completely optional! It’s all about having fun choosing one or more of the face claims and making this character your own!